The WBL GOES VIRTUAL project offers high-quality resources tailored to the needs of persons responsible for work-based learning processes in their company. We realise these WBL mentors are experts in their professional field and our products aim to optimally support them in digitalising their training content - as far as it is possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need to find alternative ways to keep work-based learning processes alive when it is not feasible to meet in person. The training programme and the digital toolbox are designed to serve WBL mentors well and equip them not only with necessary knowledge, skills, and competences to train their learners digitally, but also with suitable tools they can easily access and apply in their daily work.


  • modular learning bits
  • delivered in virtual and real environment
  • guided and self-directed learning


  • 20 tools to digitalise work-based learning
  • instructions & templates
  • for beginners and experts