A Training Programme for Work-Based Learning Staff and Professionals

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The training programme for WBL responsibles and professionals in companies contributes to the resilience of WBL systems against crisis and challenging periods where face to face learning and work-based learning is not possible. It is important to mention that with this output we are not aiming at any additional programme for WBL responsibles to become better "mentors", "coaches", "guides" or similar functions in the WBL process.

The WBL_GOES_VIRTUAL training programme is exclusively aiming at bridging the open gap between a VET training programme which is based on face to face and learning by doing to a phase where this is not possible and modern and digital instruments are needed (and available!) to allow for distance ways of work-based learning.


The training programme is designed for high accessibility and maximum flexibility for the target groups.

It has an overall duration of 40 learning units (= 50 minutes learning + 10 minutes break).
These are divided into four modules and two learning settings of 16 hours F2F/directed learning and 24 hours self-directed learning (SDL).

In total, it sums up to 40 hours that correspond with about 1,5 ECVET credits, in which 1 hour of learning roughly corresponds to 0,04 ECVET credits.

The table shows the overview of the curriculum, including the distributions of hours among the learning settings and four modules.

Below you can view the full curriculum and download it for free.