The WBL_GOES_VIRTUAL Toolbox provides a collection of 25 digital tools that are suitable for virtualising work-based learning processes. The tools cover various areas of WBL processes such as the management of the learning, tutorial creation, virtual communication and more.

All tools are presented with their name, logo*, author, access link, a description alongside summaries of the added value and practical application examples. Moreover, comparable tools are linked if applicable. Each tool also features a link to a teaser or tutorial video to offer an instant idea of the tool in use.

A crucial part of the selection process were the costs and requirements for the use of the tool. The toolbox features now mostly free tools, some are free to use for a certain trial period.

*The WBL_GOES_VIRTUAL project does not own the logos, but as we are using them in an informative and editorial setting while linking the original creators, we are allowed to use the logos for the presentation in the toolbox.

The 25 digital tools are presented below in two settings: first, you can find an overview of all included tools in alphabetical order. Below that, the tools are presented within their category. Some tools fit in multiple categories, so you may find them in more than one.

You can also use the search function to find tools with a smart key word system.

Happy exploring!

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