Author Erasmus+ project partnership of VETreality
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process The VETreality project is focused on Virtual Reality based training to upskill VET Teachers and Trainers and foster inclusion of SEN Students in WBL.
Description of tool The VETreality project is not a tool by definition. However, it provides trainers useful materials and instruments to work with:

  • An e-compendium, based on focus groups in
    each partner country and desk research putting

    VR hardware and software to the test. This

    compendium aims to raise teachers’ awareness

    of the best available VR applications that can be

    used with SEN students within the framework of

    work-based learning.
  • A one-week training programme to provide
    VET teachers with the knowledge and

    skills needed to integrate VR technology in

    their teaching methodologies. This training

    programme will be tested through a “train the

    trainers” session in Austria for project partners,

    and national testing sessions in each country.
  • A mobility tool box designed to promote
    SEN students’ involvement in mobility, facilitating

    their integration through the use of virtual reality

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