Google Drive

Author Google, USA
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Edit documents simultaneously; tool for learner collaboration and teacher feedback; sharing information; enables cooperative learning; monitor learning; saves changes automatically.
Description of tool Google Drive is a file hosting service provided by Google LLC. It allows users to store documents in the cloud, share files and edit documents together. Google Drive is a combo online-productivity software suite and cloud-based, file-syncing service. It gives a place to store all of your files and the ability to access them from any device. Each learner needs their own Google account to use Drive, which requires an email address.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Share documents and files; submit assignments through the tool and correct them with comments and suggestions. Learners can create a presentation/essay simultaneously.
Price Free Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals;
Google Workspace for Education Standard (2.20€/learner/year);Teaching & Learning Upgrade (2.50€/employee/year).
Requirements on company level G-Suite-for-Education account required.
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR none
More information
Comparable tools Moodle
Moodle Workplace is a customizable platform that allows you to manage the training of a company based on your interests and needs. The platform streamlines integration, workplace learning, and compliance management, developing a culture of learning. The platform provides learners with an overview of the courses and activities in which they are enrolled.


Microsoft OneDrive

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