Author Meister, Austria
Availability/Link https://www.mindmeister.com/
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Structured flow of ideas with commentary and guided focus on most important issues.
Description of tool Collaborative mind mapping tool with templates, mixed layouts and customisation features to visualise your ideas, collaborate with your team, manage your tasks and share it with the world. You are able to create unlimited subtopics and explore your thoughts, using colour coding for clarity and style. Attachments, embedded media and more can be added to the mind map for context. Guidance and integration into other tools in the MeisterSuite for extended use are available.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Creation of a customer journey in sales, including tutorial videos if necessary.
Price Free of charge for up to 3 mind maps;

Personal plan from 4.99€/month.

Requirements on company level Registration with Google/Facebook ID or email address and password.
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR none
More information
Comparable tools Lucidchart
Web-based diagram drawing tool, to collaborate and work together in real time

Visual collaboration and diagram drawing tool with layout and design capabilities.

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