Author Johnny Mansour (Podomatic, Inc.), USA
Availability/Link https://www.canva.com/education/
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process A centralised platform for creation, editing and sharing of audio- and video-based content in the form of podcasts to allow for accessible, engaging and informative e-lessons and revision of content
Description of tool PodOmatic is a podcast hosting site – a centralized platform that offers services for recording, viewing, listening, publishing, distribution, and promotion of audio- and video-based podcasts. It offers easy recording of high-quality content (episodes) from anywhere. Learners can quickly and easily create content with the help of their computer, tablet or smartphone, without the use of special recording equipment or extra editing software. The tool offers instant publishing of created content as well as creation of a personalised media library, which allows for later editing and publishing. The platform also enables users to browse through, search for and download existing content via different categories and filters. The platform is compatible with popular social media feeds or can be embedded on sites/social media networks. The tool offers users various statistics for tracking podcast performance, such as data for plays, downloads, embedded content, likes, comments, follows, and visits, which offers creators the opportunity to analyse and understand how their listeners/viewers are engaging with their podcasts.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Create a video demonstration of a work process or of how a specialised tool/machine works.

Make a podcast as revision content, summarising all the materials that you have covered in a specific lesson.

Instruct learners to make their own podcast (recording) of how they perform a task and use it to assess their skills or progress or review their work together with them. Record class assignments or directions for further work.

Price Free of charge, limited to 15 GB bandwidth/month and 500 MB of storage;

Subscriptions starting from 2.20€/month for annual plans.

Requirements on company level Internet connection, device (computer, tablet, phone) + potential app (available for iPhone and Android users).
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Recognizes the European Economic Area protections of handling of personally identifiable information.

The tool is available in English only. Membership is age-restricted (13 years of age or older).

More information
Comparable tools Podbean
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Podcast platform for creation, editing and sharing podcasts.

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