Author Andrew Sutherland, USA
Availability/Link https://quizlet.com
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Motivates the student through learning cards and games to learn in a fun way.
Description of tool Quizlet is an educational website and mobile application. It can be used to study and learn content created by other users, or to create your own study units. It trains learners through flash cards and various games and quizzes. As of August 2017, Quizlet had more than 160 million flashcards by users and more than 20 million active students. It is an individual or group study tool that allows teachers/trainers to create sets of cards with the important topics of a class or activity, which they can share with learners. Writing activities, spelling practice, quizzes, play, learning and competition can be created and configured. You can search for and use activities made by other people in Quizlet for your training.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Study and review of the action guidelines, internal procedures and information e.g. in terms of environmental management, quality assurance, data protection of the company.
Price 7-day free trial; afterwards 31.99€/year.
Requirements on company level Registration with Google/Facebook ID or Registration with email and password required.
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Intellectual property owners under the DMCA.
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