Author Melanie Perkins, Australia
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process A pool of images, layouts and templates to choose from; “Teaching Material” page to find lesson plans written by other educators to get inspired.
Description of tool Canva is a graphic design platform accessible by phone, tablet or computer for creating visual content. This ranges from presentations, posters and infographics to social media content and videos. The software works on the drag-and-drop principle and already includes templates, images, fonts and graphic elements that users can use.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Learner assignment to create infographic on certain topics; lesson plan creation; learners can design and create own learning portfolio and plan to better visualise and record their learning; group projects; to create worksheets and exercises, especially for online sessions.
Price Free for school teachers; free version;
Canva Pro 109.99€/year for up to 5 members.
Requirements on company level none
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR none
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