Author ENGAGE XR Holdings PLC; David & Sandra Whelan
Availability/Link https://engagevr.io/
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Engage can be used to meet learners in a virtual space.
Description of tool The Engage XR platform can be used to join world-wide events and exchange with people from all over the globe. With free access, up to 4 persons can meet in a virtual reality meeting room. In the demo version, the learner can train to speak in front of a fictional auditorium with a virtual audience.

With a individualised commerial membership, the Engage platform can be customised in many different ways.

Practical application of tool/examples of use A suitable first step into VR for learners and trainers.
Price Free: attending public events and meetings; demo access to creation tools, host rooms with up to 4 persons

9,99 $ per months gets you to host private meetings up to 20 users, use media screens, full access to creation tools and virtual location templates.

Enterprise and Education allows even more customisation and the pricing is calculated individually.

Requirements on company level Signing up and choosing a pricing plan as well as VR and PC/smartphone/tablet access for users.

Engage is compatible with Oculus Quest, Pico, Viveport, Steam VR and PC VR, Windows PCs and MacOs, as well as android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR n/a
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