Author Alf Inge Wang, Norway
Availability/Link https://kahoot.com/
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Review of the learning process; entertaining breaks in the lesson; deepening of a topic.
Description of tool Kahoot! is an easy to use learning app, accessible freely online. Learners can create fun quizzes in different modes or play an existing quiz. It is suitable for online and classroom learning, because the answers can be given anonymously via mobile devices, while the results are displayed on a common screen (e.g. projector). Kahoot! is highly motivating and engaging.
Practical application of tool/examples of use Learners create parts of a quiz themselves through gathering information from learning materials and practical examples. You can gather opinions on material, events or questions; hold votes and test the level of knowledge acquisition.
Price Free version.
Kahoot! Starter 10€/host/month.
Requirements on company level none
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR none
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