Author Mariano Suarez-Battan (Mural, Inc), USA
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Mural is a collaboration app that connects teams to work on a project together, taps into collaborative potential of the team, and increases innovative potential and cooperative action between team members.
Description of tool Mural is a collaborative, mind-mapping / virtual white-board style brainstorming app.

It is set up as a multitude of virtual canvases or virtual whiteboards, where a team of people can add notes, pin images, pin files, draw, co-create, collaborate, and interact with each other in real time.

Mural is a fast, real time flexible collaboration app, that allows for teams to work simultaneously (multiusers editing a canvas at the same time) or asynchronously (multiusers editing canvases at different times). It is an effective tool/template that connects teams to work on their collaborative potential, therefore increasing innovation and cooperation between team members.

Mural is a versatile app that can be used for brainstorming, planning, and ideation; project design or development; strategy and project planning; organisation of collaborative meetings and workshops; or design research and analysis.

It has a user-friendly, clean, and intuitive interface, is quick to set up and simple to use for both beginners as well as experienced users. It offers a varied collection of previously-crafted templates that team members can use, as well as blank canvas options. It supports many file types that can be added to canvases (e.g., it allows for pinning images, gifs, videos, in various formats). It has many features that allow for varied interactions with multiple users, such as: summoning participants options, voting options, reactions (visual feedback based on emoji-type preface), laser pointer (to emphasise the part of the canvas the team is currently working on), facilitator lock, hide and reveal content and toolbar options, private mode, … Although the app itself only offers quick talk options (voice-only calls), it does offer seamless integration with various other applications and services that allow for teamwork (Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Webex, …).

Practical application of tool/examples of use Mural is a tool that can help facilitators engage participants in immersive workshops (design thinking and other agile methodologies) that allow for effective collaboration.

It can be used for brainstorming, planning, sharing ideas, research, task sharing, flowchart building, or diagramming, for example – when a mentor might give their students a task/project to work on, they could use Mural for project design, timeline building/Gannt chart, diagramming of the project, sharing ideas and feedback, task allocation, task sharing, resource sharing, … The mentor, as a facilitator, could have information about the project implementation and results readily available at all times and give their feedback at all times.

Price Basic plan is free of charge (offering 3 whiteboards, unlimited visitors, and open only rooms); the rest of the plans are as follows:

  • Team+: 118,54 € (119,88 $)/year
  • Business: 213,47 € (215,88 $)/year
  • Enterprise – no pre-set price; pricing available upon contact

Discounts are offered for those working in the field of education, consultancy and non-profit organisations

Requirements on company level Internet connection, device (computer, tablet, phone) + potentially app (use is possible on Web, iOS iPhone & iPad app; Windows 10, macOS, Android is view only). Registration is required for owner of the canvas, but not for the collaborators.
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Mural offers broad file support, however it does not let you create interactive charts, reports or tables. It does not support video calls; however, it does offer quick talk type of instant voice calls within app.

Free access (basic plan) offers open only rooms, while private rooms are available for paying customers only, under all other pricing plans.

No specific restrictions on copyright and GDPR. It is advised you check with your organisation’s policies.

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