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Author Lumi education GbR Jan Philip Schellenberg and Sebastian Rettig
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Lumi is a free desktop app that allows the creation of interactive learning resources. From interactive videos to different kinds of assessments (quiz, multiple choice, fill the blanks) - there are 40 content types to engage your learners.
Description of tool Lumi can be downloaded for free on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Once downloaded, it runs as a program on your computer and you need no additional learning management system. The resources you create can be exported as HTML files, which can be sent to learners and they can view and access it in their own web browser. You can also export it as SCORM 1.2 packages and use it in a compliant LMS.

Learners can download their achievements and progress and send it to you for analysis. This way, data is protected and the progress is only shared with when desired by all parties.

To use Lumi, no programming knowledge is necessary. There are tutorials available and the tool itself is easy to use. You can use existing files or create new.

Practical application of tool/examples of use Creating learning content for WBL learners as well as engaging learning assessments.
Price Free to use and download.
Requirements on company level n/a
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Lumi is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 and completely free. You can use content created with it in any way you like.
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