Author Amit Maimon, Benjamin Berte & Michael West, USA; now part of Showbie Inc., Canada
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Effective engagement of learners, visualised student understanding, immediate feedback and efficient monitoring and assessment of learning.
Description of tool Socrative is a flexible, easy-to-use formative and summative assessment tool, designed to enhance learner and mentor digital communication and help them assess and evaluate understanding, monitor learning, and track progress in real time through use of snapshot polls, quizzes, questions and reflection questions. Quizzes can be true/false, multiple choice, graded short answer or open-ended short responses. Activities can be used for classroom discussion, exit-tickets, revision tests or in-class quizzes. Mentors can use Socrative to assess the whole class at the same time, which provides them with better feedback and is a helpful way of spotting areas that may need more attention or revision. It provides learners with the opportunity to reflect on their own learning, their strengths, and weaknesses, and track their progress.

Socrative is intuitive and simple to use, also offers gaming elements – the “Space Race” feature can be used collaboratively in class as an opportunity for (teams of) learners to compete against one another, while results can be displayed on leaderboards or live in the classroom as well as through a web-platform to facilitate discussion. Detailed classroom and student data can be accessed by mentors.

Practical application of tool/examples of use Prepare a short quiz to assess existing knowledge before a new lesson. Use the quiz function live, in-lesson, to track potential misunderstandings or poor understanding of content to have the opportunity to tackle and discuss potential issues on the spot. Prepare a repetition exercise before an examination or test, to better understand which topics need more attention or a more in-depth explanation. Use the platform to create a competitive or cooperative quiz and get students involved in a Space Race.
Price Free of charge for basic version; plans depending on the type of learning setting:

K-12 teachers: 79.60€/year;

Higher Ed & Corporate: 159.21€/year;

Volume discounts available at 3+ teachers.

Requirements on company level Internet connection, device (computer, tablet, phone), email account (for mentors). Available as app (for iPhone, Android, Chrome).

Registration is needed for mentors; no student sign-up needed.

Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Socrative is only a data processor acting on behalf of educational institutions (who are the data controllers). Consulting your company GDPR regulations is advised.

Teachers/mentors need to register to use Socrative

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