Author Payman Taei (Easy WebContent, Inc), USA
Added Value and Benefit for virtual learning process Create highly impactful presentations, engaging charts and infographics, videos and animation, and fully interactive content
Description of tool Visme is a software based online tool that simplifies creating, editing, sharing, and storing visual material. It is available both in a desktop version and a downloadable app. It is both a presentation as well as a collaboration programme, that fosters cooperative work in co-creation of content and offers plenty of opportunities to create and develop content creatively.

It offers templates and designer tools for making professional social media posts, slide decks, presentations, charts, fliers, infographics, online advertising material, logos, storyboards, letterheads, and other items. Visme is based on intuitive, easy to work with, versatile tools with a simple interface and easy layout, that are simple for non-designers to use. It boasts a library of numerous templates and ready-made samples to help users produce high quality visual assets, and includes a variety of stock images, royalty-free visual material, music, animations, and other materials that one can use on a newly created layout or swap. It offers the ability to save projects online and have them be easily accessible anywhere, anytime, by anyone the user gives access to.

Practical application of tool/examples of use Create a visually interesting and interactive presentation of your lesson. Give the learners an assignment in which they need to work together to co-create an infographic based on the learning content
Price Free accounts with limited options.

Plans for personal: 159.13€/year,

Plans for business: 307.66€/year

Special lower rates are possible for educators, as well as people working for non-profit organisations

Requirements on company level Internet connection, device (computer, tablet, phone) + potentially app. Registration is required, also possible via Google or Facebook
Copyright and usage restrictions / GDPR Offers real-time collaboration, an account is needed for learners to co-create.

Files can be exported one by one to save a copy of them to another location, but Visme keeps all materials in its own system, with no option of switching to own store for free accounts.

No specific restrictions on copyright and GDPR. It is advised you check with your organisation’s policies.

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Comparable tools Canva
Graphic design platform that offers easy-to-use tools to design online visual materials.

Presentation tool to help create interactive or recorded engaging visuals or presentations.

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